А telemedicine platform
  • Easily & quickly build a virtual practice
  • Solid, stable and reliable video platform allowing communication between doctors & patients
  • Tools & channels to help manage and treat mental health issues
  • ​Keep patients & doctors updated with changing health needs with targeted patient specific information
Doctor.uk is a telemedicine platform that facilitates all aspects of patient-doctor communication.

Patients can track and share their health status, and turn to doctors for advice, while doctors can provide online consultations and request payments from patients.

The platform consists of two separate but interlinked mobile applications - Doctor.uk for patients, and Doctor.uk MD for doctors.

Since April 2018 the Doctor.uk platform has assisted
How DOCTOR.uk helps patients
Track and share health data
With Doctor.uk, patients can stay on top of their personal health data, and have it up-to-date and available when it’s needed the most - during a consultation with a doctor.
Easily build a virtual practice
With Doctor.uk, doctors can start seeing patients online quickly and easily.
Communicate with doctors
Doctor.uk enables comprehensive channels of communication between doctors and patients.
Provide more comprehensive patient care
With Doctor.uk, doctors can subscribe to get automated notifications every time an important parameter of a patient’s health status changes, and provide continuous tracking of the patient’s condition.
Have the right tools for all scenarios…
Doctor.uk has all the workflows for doctors to properly handle any online consultation:
  • Remote & Secure: When a case can be safely and thoroughly handled via telemedicine
  • Follow-Up: When a consultation starts via telemedicine but needs to continue on-site
  • Real World Integration: When a case can’t be handled by means of telemedicine
…and all specialties
In addition, Doctor.uk provides specialist physicians with the right tools to start seeing  patients online, addressing specific requirements of the different medical specialities
  • Orthopedists and imaging diagnostics specialists can ask patients to upload via
  • Doctor.uk large medical images (MRI, X-ray, etc.) and then view the images via a
  • dedicated image viewer
  • Endocrinologists can request that patients add and share their lab results via
  • Doctor.uk, by scanning a lab results document using your phone's camera, that
  • turns the image into digital data.
  • Dermatologists have the option to request and review high quality images of the
  • problem area of the patient’s skin
  • ​Paediatricians can ask a child’s parents to record and upload a short video, to get a
  • better idea of the the child’s current condition
  • ​Across all specialities, if a patient has a chronic condition and needs everyday,
  • ongoing care, doctors can closely monitor the patient by subscribing to and
  • receiving notifications for specific changes in patient health data
  • Across all specialities, doctors can use a robust, medical grade voice recognition
  • tool that enables dictating messages to patients and converting them to text,
  • instead of typing 
  • ​Across all specialities, doctors can use an AI-guided Personal Assistant that can
  • hold a conversation with the patient prior to the consultation. The doctor can then
  • see a summary of the conversation and possible suggestions which can greatly
  • reduce the time of the actual consultation.
Moreover, Doctor.uk is designed in a manner that allows not only adding more specialities  to the mix, but speciality-focused tools as well, upon physicians requests.

Achieve better schedule, optimal load, less no-shows

If used properly, especially in an outpatient setting, Doctor.uk can be a powerful tool to  optimise practice schedule. 

By providing online consultations to patients who do not require a physical exam,  practices can reduce unnecessary visits and ease patient load of doctors. 

In addition, no shows and last-minute cancellations are much less likely, if patients can  opt for an online consultation, instead of cancelling an appointment.
How DOCTOR.uk helps hospitals

Increase revenue

With Doctor.uk, hospitals enable their providers to deliver care to patients anytime, anywhere. 

Tele-medicine allows healthcare organisations to raise efficiency and profitability. Not only do hospitals create an additional revenue stream by enabling providers to see patients online, but they also reduce no-shows and cancellations

Improve patient care

Doctor.uk helps hospital offer convenience and flexibility to patients. If tele-medicine is an option, many patients would prefer to skip the waiting room and get care from the comfort of their homes.

Manage patient flow

Using a dedicated administrative dashboard, hospital administration can monitor incoming consultation requests and distribute among doctors. 
If necessary, patients can be referred between specialists within the platform.

Track revenue streams

Hospitals can track online consultation activities, including related payments, for each provider. The administrative dashboard helps health systems stay on top of all aspects of the tele-medicine traffic within the organisation.

Use Doctor.co.uk in sync with EHR

Doctor.uk provides two-way integration with a number of EHR systems. Ahead of an online consultation, doctors have access to the full medical history of the patient. In addition, all information gathered during the consultation is stored in the EHR.
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